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About Company

CBD360Colorado.com is the creator of innovative CBD-infused products. Developed and created for the general consumption and basic treatment of common ailments, we pride ourselves for developing products that are fit for daily use for both humans and pets.

CBD360Colorado.com was founded in 2017 to provide answers and solutions to many who suffer from chronic illnesses . The founders of CBD360Colorado.com have over 10 years experience in cannabis and hemp growing, manufacturing, infusion and processing techniques.

Customer Support

For any queries, complaints, and interest to purchase, we provide 24/7 online customer support to aid you in looking for the right CBD product of your need. We offer various support systems to help you, our dear customers, in your need for finding the right product, answering any question or concern you have about CBD, and providing you with assistance with any of your complaints regarding our products and services.

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CBD360Colorado's Mission

Committed to producing only the highest quality and grade CBD oil, CBD360Colorado.com is dedicated to using only natural and 100% organic CBD and hemp oil for human and domestic pet consumption. We are devoted to creating new and innovative ways of bringing the medical and natural benefits of CBD into products meant for common and daily use. It is also the duty of CBD360Colorado.com, as developers of CBD-infused products, to provide our consumers, employees, and stakeholders a compelling experience of relishing the best benefits derived from hemp and CBD oils to treat common ailments and symptoms and for the improvement of overall health and wellness.

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It's our policy.

We do not discriminate nor do we limit our services to any kind of person. Regardless of origin, lifestyle, and status in life, each of our consumers deserve only the best quality customer supports and services available. However, we limit our services to persons younger than 18 years old for the sake of right of use and safety regarding products derived from the cannabis plant.